Guest Blog — Millennial Musings Brittany Bailey
Brittany Bailey works in the meat industry. She has a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and masters in food safety. She is also a meat-eater, a millennial and a mom.

Bio for Brittany Bailey

Brittany Bailey is the director of market insights for the National Pork Board.

She started her meat industry career working for Kemin Food Technologies then tansitioned to a food-testing lab before joining the NPB. She is a science marketer who is passionate about communicating the science of food and agriculture, especially to her millennial peers.

 Brittany Bailey has a wide range of food industry experience in sales & marketing, project management and strategic business initiatives. She has a Bachelor of Arts in biochemistry, cell and molecular biology with a minor in marketing, a Master of Public Administration from Drake University and a Master of Science in food safety from Michigan State University.

She is a millennial, a meat-eater, and a mom.